Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

Angie Willis Photography is an Oklahoma based wedding photographer, serving OKC, Norman, Tulsa, and all across the state. Specializing in capturing meaningful and non-traditional moments with a fun and laid back style.

Meet me.

Hey, I'm Angie!

I am an Oklahoma based wedding photographer for the laid back and easy going kind of couples. Getting to be a part of so many special moments makes me the happiest person! Whether it's on a mountainside, or in your backyard, I am there for it! When I'm not behind the camera, you will usually find me in a comfy pair of leggings with a messy bun, sipping on luke warm coffee while trying to keep up with running a business and keeping 4 little humans alive. 

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Lets go ahead and cut to the chase...

I am not about the perfectly posed, every hair in place, not a wrinkle in sight photos!

I'm all about capturing real moments and connection. The unexpected moments that you can't anticipate. You know, the kind that you blink and then they're over. The kind where you say your wedding vows under that old oak tree in your parents back yard. The kind where all of your best people are together in one place. The kind with messy cake battles,  heartfelt kisses, and spontaneous booty grabs.

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Some of my work.

"Angie did a wonderful job capturing our day perfectly! From handling our big group so well, to capturing all of the special moments. She did amazing! We highly recommend her!"

Evan + Dani